File formats for The Modern Cabinetmaker

Text documents
The document files in The Modern Cabinetmaker were created using Microsoft Office Word for Windows. If your word processor will not display these files a viewer program is available free of charge from the Microsoft Office Download Center. Users of Macintosh computers can usually read these files without difficulty.

Drawing files
The drawings for The Modern Cabinetmaker were made using FastCAD7 for Microsoft Windows. If you do not have FastCAD or some other CAD program which can read CAD files of type .FC7 you can download the viewer program CADView v7, from, free of charge. Users of Macintosh computers can download the viewer program eDrawings from Dassault Systemes, free of charge. It can read 2D DWG or DXF files exported from FastCad (unfortunately it cannot display FastCad 3D text correctly). The ZIPs contain all the drawing files in .FC7 format as well as conversions to the DWG and DXF formats.

The lines on my drawings were intended to be printed in the following widths: green lines (colour 1) 0.2 mm, yellow lines (colour 4) 0.1 mm, and cyan lines (colour 5) 0.4 mm.

ZIP files
The source files for The Modern Cabinetmaker are available packed in two kinds of archive file. The compressed version was made using WinZip Pro set for Legacy (maximum compatibility) compression. This file is called 'TMC-Compressed.ZIP. The uncompressed version, called 'TMC-Uncompressed.ZIP' was made using WinZip Pro set for no compression. This version is for users who may have problems with archive file decompression. Both types of archive file must be unpacked using WinZip or a compatible utility before the individual files may be loaded into a word processor or drawing package.