How to obtain the data files for The Modern Cabinetmaker

The Modern Cabinetmaker is available for download as a zip file from this site after payment of £20 (twenty GBP) to Richard Elderton, see email contact form, or send a cheque or money order, see contact information, or use a PayPal account. Please also note format choice.

Note! If you download either of the files TMC-Compressed.ZIP or TMC-Uncompressed.ZIP (each of which comprise the work) it will be understood that you agree to take full responsibility for your own and other people's safety and interests when acting on information taken from the
The Modern Cabinetmaker

Instructions for using the files comprising The Modern Cabinetmaker may be
found in the file 'UserGuide.doc' within the archive files listed below.

To access the download page CLICK HERE then click on or
to display the 'Download File' dialogue box.